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5th tip before launching a TV campaign: Anticipate the after campaign

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  • 5th tip before launching a TV campaign: Anticipate the after campaign

Knowing how your audience reacts, that’s great, knowing who this audience is, it’s better. Discovering the profile of your TV-engaged viewers will open several doors, and Realytics has the keys… Audience extension, retargeting, audience exclusion, etc. Anticipate the after-campaign.

How to identify your TV audience? 

They are behind their TV screen and you know they have reacted to your TV spot. Who is this audience who has visited your website, but has not converted yet? Realytics is the only actor able to identify the “TV-engaged visitors”, the visitors that went on your website or mobile app following the diffusion of your spot.

With more than 4.5 billion visits tracked and a unique scoring technology, Realytics can retrace the client journey from offline to online. This data helps you identify, for the first time, the part of the audience initially responsive to your message. Assisted by trustworthy digital partners, Realytics accompanies you to take the best advantage of this particular audience.

First, this data can be fed into your DMP and your CRM. That’s how you make sure that TV is really contributing to your digital channel, and can be used for retention or loyalty campaigns. It is also possible to retarget this audience on social media to encourage them to convert, re-diffuse your spot to web surfers who haven’t seen it yet by excluding the ones who have, or by targeting a similar audience.

Make good use of your TV-engaged audience

Some surfers are skittish; they come on your website, browse it, one page after the other, hesitate…and leave. They haven’t accomplished the key action: click and convert. If only you could identify them and expose them yet again to your message

Realytics helps you do that, and you can re-expose the interested audience who has not converted yet to your ad in their browsing.That’s exactly what AlloResto did, by retargeting this engaged but not yet active audience on Facebook. And it was a great success!

The result? + 200% conversions compared to other Facebook campaigns. The conversion rate was x3 higher than the entire classic audience retargeted on Facebook. The cost of conversion is divided by 3.

Discover another target with audience extension

You’ve already identified the initial audience to target, but what about getting to know a whole new segment you don’t know yet? Realytics helps you reach a similar audience to your TV-engaged audience, who is very likely to positively react to your message and convert in digital.

All of this data will allow you to diffuse your spot to the surfers who have not seen it yet, so you can extend your audience, or even exclude the parts that don’t seem relevant. A lot of possibilities and one result: maximise your chances to convert in digital!

And a single actor to help you do that : Realytics. 

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