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2nd tip before going on TV: Develop the right SEM strategy

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1 good keyword is worth 1,000 ones. Well, you just need to find it. You’re planning to advertise on TV? Make sure you’re developing the right SEM strategy first.


Find the right balance in your SEM strategy

What is SEM? “Search Engine Marketing”, or SEM, combines your SEO (organic search results), your SEA (digital advertising) and SMO (social media). SEM efficiency is later linked to inbound leads, and even conversions. That’s why it’s crucial to select the precise keywords you want to use before going on TV. Like we said, the Internet is massively used by TV viewers who want to look up brand or product information after seeing a TV spot.

How do they do it? They look for your brand or related keywords that they might have heard during you TV spot. Those keywords should be well indexed on Google (where 93% of searches are made in the world), regardless if it’s organic or digital advertising (or even on social media). An efficient SEM approach would combine SEO and SEA; SEO, as a basis, with well-written articles that assert your expertise, and SEA, as a complement, with by purchasing the key words that would improve your ranking on Google.

How the right keywords open the right doors

Choosing the right keywords is an essential part of any quality marketing and media strategy. Follow them and you will not only find your way back like Hansel and Gretel, but also valuable information about the impact of you marketing operations on your brand and even on your sales revenue.

The high volume of research on your brand-related keywords (the name of your brand, even misspellings) and non-brand keywords (words linked to your brand, by its semantic field) attests to its digital contribution. With this information in-hand, it is much easier to adjust your message moving forward.

Did you chose the right keywords in your TV spot? Does your slogan match the message you want to spread? Is your brand remembered? The answers to those questions are often crucial to your media strategy…Do you know how to find them? We do!

How to measure the impact of your keywords?

That’s exactly why Realytics has developed its solution Brand Effect: it measures the global impact of a TV campaign on its brand.This is fundamental when we know that 80% of the TV advertising budget is held by branding advertisers, who are primarily focusing on their brand image instead of direct response.

By measuring your visibility on Google, Realytics helps you identify the keywords that are usually looked for after your TV spot is broadcasted. We often notice a spike in brand and non-brand requests during a TV campaign, a clear indicator of the halo effect of a TV spot on a brand,  its image, and e-reputation.

This data provide us with real insights concerning the brand’s audience, how it is composed, and the way it acts or reacts. It can also help advertisers to better understand their target audience segment and address it with custom-made messages.

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