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Every TV advertiser has his own objectives and KPIs

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Every TV advertiser has different objectives and then different KPIs.

Tell us what your objectives are, we’ll tell you which KPIs to follow…


Why are KPIs so important for TV advertisers?

KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, unveil the efficiency of your company, based on its probability to achieve its goals. Linked to the global success of the society, they are crucial.

That’s why it is so important to define them clearly, and avoid this way building your new strategy on wrong indicators. The success of the analysis of a TV campaign is primarily based on choosing the good KPIs.

How to choose? First, define clearly your objectives. Once it’s done, you’ll find the KPIs that best match you and adjust your TV campaign based on them. For example, some advertisers chose to add a phone number, a website, a CTA to download an app.


Every TV objective has its own KPIs

1. Your objective is getting more exposure?

Ah, exposure… No one can say they don’t want it. Every advertiser tries to be more visible, and they often use their TV campaign as a way to do it. So, what kind of visibility are we talking about here?

It depends, you could want to get more visits on your website, have people download your app, get visitors to ask for extra documentation… Think about how you want to be more visible!

2. Your objective is being more performant?

Of course, performance. That’s an objective a lot of advertiser have in mind, even those who doubt they can measure the online impact of their TV ads in digital. Well, that was before. Who says performance says ROI, and betting on the good KPIs can help you boost your ROI up to 50%!

Measuring the performance of your campaign could mean keeping an eye on your leads, follow the conversions on your website, count the number of calls to you call center, or sum up the installs of your app. You choose which one(s) is more adapted to your activity!

3. Your objective is being known, by a particular audience?

80% of TV investments are made by branding advertisers. That clearly demonstrates how important brand image is to TV advertisers. But which KPIs are to be taken into account to precisely measure the impact of a TV campaign on a brand or its image?

You could choose keywords (name of your brand + keywords associated to it) and follow the number of requests on search engines. That’s why Realytics launched Brand Effect, a solution that measures the impact of a TV campaign on a brand and its notoriety.

With socio-demo and geolocation data, you get precious insights about the audience who’s watching your TV ads and responsive to them.


Realytics’ Portal, or how to customise your KPIs

Thanks to the new Realytics’ Portal, it has never been that easy to choose the KPIs that best match your needs. Customisable dashboards help you follow the KPIs you want. Those KPIs are customizable for each device (computer, smartphone, tablet, smart TV or other connected devices).

So, you can follow those KPIs, good, how about analysing and optimizing your media plans? Realytics can deliver you, on demand, personalised analysis, for better performances.






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