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4th tip before launching your TV campaign: Choose the right TV analytics tool

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You’re planning to advertise on TV? Think about getting a TV analytics solution that will help you measure the performance of your TV spots and their online impact. Guess what? That’s Realytics’ specialty.

Why use a TV analytics tool?

When you’re preparing yourself to run a marathon, you time your runs to follow your performance, right? Why should it be different for your TV investments? Investing in advertising spaces, that’s great, but making sure your TV ad has reached the right target, at the right moment, and was the most performant as possible, is even better!

You may find us praising our own Church, but guess who does this very well? Realytics! And we insist, using a TV analytics tool is essential when going on TV. It helps you measure the impact of your TV campaign in digital.

Analyse, yes, but what?

Ad Performance allows you to choose the KPIs you want to measure (visits, sales, app installs…) and to analyse every one of them spot by spot. This will provide you with precious insights by creative, channel, daypart, day, etc. Key info you need to master to measure your ROI and optimise your next campaigns.

Realytics’ solutions take place through all stages of a media plan’s life. Before a TV campaign is launched, Predict Impact anticipates the online performance of one or several DRTV or branding media plans and helps you choose the one most likely to succeed.

During the campaign, Realytics analyses not only the impact on your performance but also on your brand, with Brand Effect. Indicators like socio-demo or geolocation help advertisers discover if they have targeted the right audience. If not, they can adjust their media plan afterwards. Reaching your target is necessary, but their reaction is essential! That’s when Realytics’ solutions shine some light for you.

Digital Follow-Up accompanies you even further in digital: thanks to a powerful identification algorithm, this solution unveils the audience that has already reacted to your TV campaign. This way, you can target it again in digital and capitalise on this data when integrating it to your DMP.

TV Analytics: which results?

Every advertiser is different and is expecting different results from their TV campaigns. The ultimate goal is often guided by performance and a sales revenue increase, but different objectives enter into account. Certain advertisers would, for example, want to create more traffic on their website, and the data delivered by Realytics helped them reduced their acquisition coast by 31%! 

Others wanted to test 2 different advertising formats and pick the most performant one. Another wanted to generate more online sales, and Realytics helped them double their sales revenue thanks to TV! All the information gathered and analysed by Realytics allow advertisers to better know their audience and offer them advertising messages well-adapted to their targets.

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