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A Cross-Channel Scenario with Realytics and AlloResto by JustEat

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  • A Cross-Channel Scenario with Realytics and AlloResto by JustEat

Realytics presents an unprecedented cross-channel scenario, in partnership with AlloResto by JustEat: Retargeting an audience on Facebook



  • Why does AlloResto want to retarget a TV audience on Facebook?

AlloResto by JustEat is the market leader in online food delivery in France, and since 2013, it has been communicating with its consumers on TV. AlloResto by JustEat has always been a ROI-focused company, especially for its TV investments. Realytics has been accompanying AlloResto by JustEat since the beginning in the analysis of its TV campaigns impact on digital (website + app). The goal? Optimise its media plan. AlloResto’s objective was to follow the online customer journey from these TV-exposed on other digital communication and acquisition channels.

  • What cross-channel scenario have AlloResto by Justeat and Realytics imagined?

Thanks to its powerful scoring technology, Realytics can identify the visitors that have been exposed to a TV spot. With this technology, AlloResto by JustEat and Realytics have created a new cross-media campaign scenario in which they followed this captive audience in their online web navigation journey. As Facebook has become an uncontested tool for online engagement, these TV-engaged visitors were then retargeted on the social platform with the TV spot being re-diffused online as well as in Display.

  • The results: How is this scenario an innovation, a success?

This project reconciled AlloResto’s offline and online strategies, and placed the online customer journey at the heart of this cross-channel media campaign. It’s an example which perfectly illustrates the convergence of TV and Digital; it allowed AlloResto by JustEat to precisely calculate the contribution of TV in their conversion funnel, as well as provide a real understanding of the audience exposed to TV. As a proof of its success, AlloResto by JustEat want to pursue the experience on other mediums, like YouTube.

  • Key figures

In this “TV-exposed” segment, we have observed that the conversion rate is 3x higher than the entire classic audience retargeted on Facebook. The cost of conversion was also divided by 3 in this audience segment. The results were promising and conclusive, further reiterating the importance of TV media in their client conversion funnel.

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