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Bee, award-winning technology of 2022 for cross-media TV measurement

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Bee, from TV exposure to online engagement on a single source.

 Bee, an answer to market expectations.

Bee is a Realytics’ solution for TV exposure and online engagement measurement on a single source. In a word, Bee is a STB-based measurement solution of a TV campaign’s performance whether it’s Linear, Addressable TV (ATV) and/or Replay IPTV.

Bee stands for “Box Exposition Engagement”. In English that would be “Set-top-box Exposure & Engagement” or STBEE.

Bee origins in a partnership between Realytics & Bouygues Telecom. While the usual probabilistic measurement methods and Médiamétrie – the traditional TV audience measurement tool - cannot measure ATV campaigns, Bee is able to provide the French addressable TV market with a field-proven measurement solution. Interviews our team ran close to agencies, advertisers, and TV sales houses highlighted ATV measurement to be one of the most important growth relays of this new way of buying TV.

Today, Bee offers to track, combine and compare linear, addressable and Replay IPTV campaigns.  

Bee highlights how innovative it is by disclosing the way it works.

Realytics setup a tracker on advertisers’ websites and app that will help our team to record any TV-exposure data generated. Therefore, we have a single and common source on both sides which is able to follow the online journey of an exposed TV household. Reversely, we are able to track the TV watching journey of a website or app visitor. Eveything is total GDPR compliant : one one hand, opted-in STBs are encrypted meaning there is no way to trace back users’ identities. On the other hand, STBs’ data our team manages are opted-in and website & app traffic are not used unless users give consent.

Bee, TV exposure and online engagement on a single source.

Bee represents a real TV exposure and online engagement picture among Bouygues Telecom’s opted-in STBS. This is how Bee is able to measure households TV campaigns exposure and Web & app engagement following them.

  • TV exposure KPIs : Views delivered, exposed households, reach & exposure for each activated TV lever (linear, addressable, replay IPTV), and the incremenal reach for each activated TV lever generated after deduplication.
  • Online engagement : Bee delivers the incremental web & app traffic, the quality and depth of the online engagement for each activated TV lever.
  • What do we get from mixing exposure and online engagement : Bee provides how many TV contacts are necessary to generate online engagement globally and for each activated TV lever.

In concrete terms, Bee achieves something that has never been done so far : it quantifies the online engagement distribution related to the number of TV contact. Analyses regarding activated TV levers highlight the incremental reach and the online engagement. In addition they allow to demonstrate ATV campaign efficiency when combined with a national one as much as illustrating how effective a replay IPTV campaign can be when added to an ATV one.

Bee is to pave the way to new research on TV efficiency. It facilitates the ability to list and categorize the TV use of online engaged audience and to understand better engagement patterns. It also delivers the ability to quantify online engagement level per exposure category.

Award-winning technology in 2022

As a proof the TV ecosystem including advertisers is in the need for ATV measurement solution, Bee won 3 trophies throughout 2022. One in June, at the Trophées Etudes & Innovations run by 100%Média. An other one in November 2022 at the Trophées Marketing in the data category. Last but not least, a third market recognition for Bee at the Minted Awards with Jellyfish for Yves Rocher in the best Addressable TV Campaign disposal category. 

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