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Paris, 13. June 2022 - Both a pioneer and a leader in TV performance technologies and automated data-driven linear TV buying in France and Europe, Realytics innovates once again by unveiling the new feature of its flagship solution Adkymia : a calculator of carbon footprints of TV campaigns. Thanks to this innovation, Realytics brings the TV advertising sector to a new level in order to meet its CSR challenges.

“This tool allows both our customers and our sector to catch up, regarding ecological and environmental issues. On this subject, we have once again and successfully sought to innovate, and we are thus delighted to contribute to the technological transformation of the TV advertising market and more broadly to the energy transition.”

Guillaume Belmas, CEO and co-founder of Realytics.

A technology that meets the needs of the AdTech sector

Aware of the needs of advertisers' CSR/ESG departments, and noticing the lack of reliable data measurement of the carbon equivalent cost of a TV advertising campaign, Realytics is pleased to offer its clients a tool to effectively assess the carbon footprint of their TV campaigns, and thus make up for a deficiency in the TV advertising sector. This new functionality of Adkymia will both have an internal utility, responding to the will of advertisers to contribute to the energy transition, and also external: to be able to report to society and the sector on the concretization of this will, with reliable proofs. It will therefore enable CSR/ESG directors to effectively monitor their performance indicators on their roadmap.

Adkymia, Realytics’ multi-channel programmatic linear TV platform, now offers a measurement of carbon equivalent emission data (CO2e) considering the entire production chain: from the creation of the advertising film to its broadcast.

To measure this data, the feature includes in its calculation of the carbon footprint, the direct and indirect emissions emitted by Adkymia, and the irremediable emissions linked to the advertising sector, classified through 4 perimeters: production, validation and delivery of a film advertising, airing, and broadcasting. In order to allow advertisers to better understand the implications of a carbon footprint, equivalences are presented, based on the total amount of emissions in the campaign.

Adkymia : an answer to the economic and environmental challenges of the 21st century.

Reminder - Adkymia, a technology launched by Realytics in 2019, is the first DSP (demand side platform) in programmatic TV. Its functionality is to optimize and automate the purchase of TV campaigns by using artificial intelligence. With this new carbon footprint measurement feature, Adkymia now responds to both ecological and economic issues and thus asserts itself as a technology fitted to the challenges of the 21st century and in line with the environmental concerns of both companies and citizens.

True to its pioneering and innovative nature, Realytics intends to improve this tool soon. The company wants to develop a feature to use data to optimize TV purchase plans and make them more virtuous from an energy and environmental perspective. The future version of the tool will thus make it possible, among other things, to measure the carbon impact from the simulation screens, and will offer recommendations on the architecture of media plans to make them more eco-responsible.

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Pioneer and leader in TV-Digital convergence, Realytics was founded in 2014 and has never stopped innovating in the AdTech market. Specialized in performance of TV advertising campaigns measurement and analysis (AdPerformance), Realytics keeps transforming the TV media and launched Adkymia in 2019, the first multi-channel programmatic linear TV platform. Adkymia automates the purchasing process for both linear and segmented TV campaigns in order to make TV media accessible to as many people as possible. Realytics' solutions enable brands and agencies to effectively measure, analyze, drive and buy TV advertising campaigns. Realytics is made up of 40 experts in AdTech and TV/digital ecosystem, who support more than 650 brands in their publicity in France and abroad. The company also works with several major media/telco groups in France and abroad: TF1, M6, France Télévisions, Canal+, RMB, Bouygues, Orange, etc. Realytics joined the RTL Group in 2022 following its acquisition by Smartclip, the group's adtech subsidiary. With smartclip, Realytics reaffirms its ambition to build a panel of strong European technological solutions for the TV ecosystem.


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