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Bee integrates the Realytics' platform

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Bee integrates the Realytics' platform

Paris, May 4, 2023 - The launch of addressable TV in France in August 2020 has raised the question of how to measure its effectiveness. As the TV advertising market was waiting for a solution, Realytics, a subsidiary of smartclip (RTL group) and leader in TV-Digital convergence, launched Bee, in partnership with Bouygues Telecom, a study capable of measuring exposure and engagement to addressable TV campaigns.

Bee, deterministic and unified TV measurement: linear TV, addressable TV and BVOD

Bee is a unique and exclusive solution, already covering a perimeter of 1.6 million Set-top-boxes in a privacy-friendly and RGPD compliant framework. In addition to addressable TV campaigns, Bee demonstrates the ability to measure from a single source both BVOD and national linear TV campaigns. Bee is a pioneer solution that unifies TV campaigns measurement for advertisers and agencies for the first time by reconciling exposure and engagement data.

Bee available in the Realytics platform

Today Bee is available in the Realytics’ platform. Advertisers and agencies can view all TV distribution channel activated during their campaigns, measure exposure and see the conversion of TV exposure to online engagement by combining the two dimensions in a single interface.

Bee allows advertisers to go further by specifying, for example, the number of useful contacts to generate engagement, the consequences of overpressure on a specific target, the volume of impressions to be expected to obtain 10% incremental coverage, etc. With Bee, unified TV measurement takes off.

European ambitions, a preview launch during smartclip's Product Advisory Board

A preview of the platform was held on May the 4th at the Product Advisory Board (PAB), an Adtech European event co-organised by smartclip and Realytics in Paris. It brings together more than 80 people, representing over 30 companies. The PAB is a place to reflect on European market trends, to brainstorm technology and to develop new perspectives. It is an opportunity for Realytics to confirm the European scope of Bee in the deterministic measurement of total video.


Bee, an award-winning technology

This technological breakthrough has already received 5 awards. The jury of the Grand Prix de la Data 2023, convinced that this method is a "best practice" when it comes to addressable TV TV, rewarded a "very innovative and relevant" use case, allowing Bee to win the 4th trophy alongside Jellyfish and Yves Rocher. Yes, Bee is a collective success story. On this occasion, Thomas Allemand, Senior Adtech & Supply Director at Jellyfish shared his feedback:

"Everything we learned from the 1st wave allowed us to significantly enrich the second wave and we built a specific KPI from the beginning thanks to the insights provided by Realytics, which allowed us to optimise as the campaign progressed and build a success on this programmatic addressable TV activation."

About Realytics

Pioneer and leader in TV-Digital convergence, Realytics was founded in 2014 and has been constantly innovating in the AdTech market. Specialising in the measurement and analysis of TV advertising campaign performance (AdPerformance), Realytics is continuing the transformation of the TV medium and in 2019 is developing Adkymia, the first programmatic TV DSP. Adkymia digitises and automates the process of buying linear and addressable TV campaigns in order to make the TV medium accessible to as many people as possible. In 2022 Realytics launches Bee, a deterministic measurement solution for linear, addressable TV and Catchup/BVOD TV campaigns (4 times awarded).

Realytics' solutions enable brands and agencies to effectively measure, analyse, manage and buy TV advertising campaigns. Realytics has 40 experts in AdTech and the TV/digital ecosystem, who support more than 650 brands in their advertising campaigns in France and abroad. The company also works with several major media/telco groups in France and abroad: TF1, M6, France Télévisions, Canal+, RMB, Bouygues, Orange, etc. Realytics will join the RTL group in 2022 following its acquisition by smartclip, the group's adtech subsidiary. With smartclip, Realytics reaffirms its ambition to build a strong European technology solutions panel for the TV ecosystem.

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