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Drive to web panorama: who's investing in TV?

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  Discover the results of our study: Drive to Web Panorama

The drive to web specialist, Realytics has analysed the TV campaigns of more than 100 advertisers from July 2016 until June 2017 and could provide an accurate portrait of them: who's investing, how and why? Answers.

Advertisers for whom brand image is as important as performance

Among our clients, 54% are pure players and 46% multi channels (with offline and online offers). A balance almost perfect you may think, and you're right. You'd be also proved wrong if you used to believe only digital actors were interested in their TV campaigns drive to web performances.

Moreover, 22 lines of business are represented, and 4 stand out by their number of advertisers as well as the invested budget: distribution, services, travel/tourism, and financial institutions/insurances. Those 4 sectors weigh for 67% of the TV investments made by Realytics.

Age group, broadcast period, kind of ad... those criterias that emerge

The TV campaigns analysed targeted 31 different audience segments (men, women, socio-professional category), and the age group represents more than half of the investments.

50 advertisers out of the 107 that were selected for this study chose to broadcast their TV campaigns both on slow (January and February, July and August) and high seasons (the rest of the year). 48 sticked to high seasons, and 9 to slow ones.

"Despite what one could think, the advertisers who stick to slow season don't act out of opportunism, in order to benefit from the best prices, but because of the seasonality of their occupation. Take for example advertisers in tourism/travel. Plus, Slow season can help first-timer advertisers to test how powerful TV is", adds Valérie Teboul, in charge of Studies at Realytics

As for the kind of ad, classic ad (a TV spot is presented on TV) concerns 80% of advertisers, and the 13% chose to mix classic and sponsorship.

That's actually a subject we'll be addressing in our next big study... Stay in touch!

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