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Each month, Realytics showcases one of the members of its (marvelous) team. This month, we’re very happy to introduce you to Jovien, software developer at Realytics, whose laugh is contagious and the only one who eats a fat chawarma with small tableware.


Jovien, who are you? 

My name is Jovien Clauzade, I have been a Software Developer at Realytics since April 2017.


Describe yourself, in 1 gif


What is it like being a Software Developer at Realytics?

To be a Software Developer at Realytics, it means working with the latest technologies available. There's almost never a week without us being formed to a new techno, doing a Proof of Concept or even technological watch. It is also being able to work with a very competitive team, that supports one another.


What is the first thing you do when you get to the office?

I turn on my computer and check Slack to see what happened while I was away. Then I take my favorite (and only) mug and go make myself a tea (so cliché)


What are your daily main challenges?

Being able to combine speed, when developing new features, and quality, for our service. My manager (aka Krakou Krakou) is always repeating "IQR" (Innovation, Quality, Rigor).


What kind of music do you listen to when working?

It all depends on my state of mind and what I have to do. Jazz, classical, techno, house, trance, metal, French song... Everything except maybe R'n'B and reggaeton (how can that even exist!?)


Something that never leaves your desk

My mug... My audio headset, a pen and some sheets of paper.


What do you love about Realytics (in 3 words)

The good atmosphere, the constant innovation, and the many challenges (ok, it's more than 3 words).


Your favorite TV show

It used to be called the "Zapping de Canal +", and now it is known as "Vu", on France 2.


Your favorite TV ad

It's actually many Panda Cheese commercials for Egyptian TV. Awesome.


A word for your CEO

I heard the next seminar will take place in the Caribbean, right?


Pass it to one colleague!

Alexia, your turn!

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