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In data you trust; and you can trust us with your data! Realytics protects your info and won’t share it.


Data security at Realytics, the beginning

Ever since its beginning, the data of our clients has been one of our primary concerns. We have developed our solutions following one simple rule: “security by design”, always making sure all the data we collect for our clients when measuring the performance of their TV campaigns is safely stocked.

Our process, our infrastructure, our technologies, our machines, our task force… That’s how we can safely collect and preserve your data. Of course, our website and portal are secured, by the well-known “SSL” (and the reassuring “https”’), but data security is way more than that!

Our infrastructure (IAAS and PAAS) leads us to share the responsibility of data security with our suppliers (Amazon Web Services & Microsoft Azure): we let them manage the data hosting, the network, the physical security of the machines, and are assured of receiving a transparent and high-quality service.

The data: how is it collected?

They said yes!

Let’s begin with the beginning: the consent. In France, Realytics could be one of those measurement tools exempted from obtaining consent. However, we’ve inserted an opt-out form on our website, right here, and is also present in our General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

To give or not to give

Our clients’ data are never crossed. Their statistics stay anonymous, during their collection and processing by our team. We never collect any personal data on our clients’ websites.

May I please have a cookie?

The cookies we use are “first party” cookies, which are never crossed to those of other clients. We keep those cookies 13 months after their implementation, then delete them.

Return to sender, address unknown

Every move you make, every step you take… We’re not watching you! Take a breath, we only keep the first 2 octets of your IP address. It’s impossible then to track back the user (we cannot know your first name or your last name) or the machine.

The data: how is it protected?

Welcome to the Matrix

The “data classification matrix”; what can it be? The answer is here, somewhere: Realytics has created its data classification matrix, that classes them according to their importance and their risks at being disclosed.

Do you speak encryption?

All the raw data is encrypted when we collect and stock it, following a standard protocol. Afterwards, they’re anonymised when necessary.

No more cookie

We’ve already told you the cookies were erased 13 months after storage. We do the same with your data: we erase it (or give them back to you if you ask to) 13 months after the end of our collaboration (What? You’re leaving us? It can't be!)

Access denied

The access to the data of your clients by our team is based on “need to know”: only the few authorized persons who demonstrate a real “need to know” can access them.

Secure access

All our clients’ data is stocked separately. They never leave our environment - closed and secure – except when we send them to our clients, via secure APIs, or via on of our partners when doing a retargeting campaign or exporting data for DMP/CRM.

Supervised access

All our data is stocked in Europe (between Paris, Frankfurt and Dublin), but are accessible on our portal from anywhere in the world. You’ll be able to follow the performances of your TV campaign from Beijing, Brussels and Brazzaville. Brilliant!

Please close the portal

The data we collect for you is accessible on our secure portal. You can access it with a password, that must be strong (12-36 characters, expiration date, expired session every 24h). Then, every user must connect to the portal via a phone, which generates another password. Once activated, this MFA (Multiple Factor Authentication) only gives access to the authorized persons. All the connections are tracked and auditable.

Happy as a cloud

We work with the leading cloud platforms of the market: Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Those platforms insure us a strong and secure infrastructure, that keep the data of our clients confidential.

Thanks to those 2 partners, we can also insure a continuous service. If one of them is down, the other can take over!

You and Me doesn’t make Three

We don’t use any third party or external partner to deal with your data. It stays between us!

Happy? If you need more info, please contact us!




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