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5 tips before creating your Christmas TV ad

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Christmas is around the corner, and every advertiser wants to create a TV ad better than his/her competitors’. How to make sure yours is the best of the best?

Realytics enlightens you.

Time is precious

As in a lot of situations, time is precious when preparing your Christmas TV ad campaign. The difficulty? Finding the right balance between “too early” and “too late”. Not too early, because consumers are still in the Christmas spirit and don’t yet think about their presents, but not too late, because if so, your clients might have gone to your competitor.

You could, for example, begin by mid-October, and make sure to beat your competition. Plus, you would address a new clientele, composed of early birds, who want to get rid of the gift hunt asap.

Also, Christmas is the 25th of December, but the date of its celebration varies from one person to the other. For some people, Christmas begins early, for others, it goes late, and for a lot, it goes very very late, until mi-January: Thanks to the little cash given by Auntie Rosie, lots of people continue buying presents (for themselves this time) after the Holidays.

Contextualise your creatives

That’ the first that came into your mind: Christmas means festive colors, Santa Claus + his elves, and lots of objects (Christmas tree, Christmas lights, etc.). If there’s one moment of the year when you can prepare a themed TV ad (we did not say “kitsch”), it’s Christmas!

Advertisers redouble their efforts so their TV ad would separate themselves from the crowd. For some, emotion is the most important thing; for others, its humor or even unusual; all of them know they should take advantage of the Holiday season.

Your TV ad should reflect your vision of the Holidays and family, with a fun and offset side, to ensure you to touch a large public (and buzz at the same time!). You can also cast the same persons from a year to the other, of create a common thread in order to create a relation with your TV viewers and customers they’ll remember (like Coca-Cola did).

publicité coca-cola

Do not forget the CTA

Still regarding your TV ad, besides the creative, let’s talk CTA. You know it, it’s one of the staples of a pertinent TV communication, even if many advertisers tend to forget about it. It’s like, when you’re single, you’d give your number to this gorgeous lady at the bar, of, looking for a job, you’d clearly mention your website on your résumé. On your TV ad, you must put a CTA visible and appropriate.

During the Holiday seasons, it can take several forms: a CTA towards your website, to drive your consumers on your website, a phone number, to make them call your call center, an app, to make them convert on your app, or even a message directing them to your shops.

The holidays are indeed a great occasion to drive your clients to your store, where you can organise game contests, offer gifts, promote special offers… TV is a great drive to store media and Christmas is the perfect time to draw your TV viewers to your store.

Anticipate with a retargeting campaign

For the others – those who never leave home but would rather buy their gifts from their coach – it’s vital to think of a retargeting campaign, which would help you capitalize on your engaged audience.

Realytics allows you to identify the “TV-committed visitors”, those who have come to your website following your TV spot and have not (yet) converted. Realytics tracks the customer journey from offline to online, and isolates the audience sensitive to your message.

With our retargeting solution, you can re-expose the audience that has already seen your TV spot but hasn’t converted yet, or target another audience, similar to your TV-committed visitors. That’s what AlloResto by JustEat did, by targeting a captive audience on Facebook with its TV spot, boosting its conversion by 200% compared to their other campaigns on the social network.

Prepare your digital channels

Following the previous point, you should prepare your digital channels. If you want to retarget the TV visitors on your website, your app, or your social networks, you must think of harmonizing them. It’s better to have the same visuals and info as the ones of your TV spot, and to stay in the “Christmas spirit”, with special banners, and a mention “seen on TV” to complete that.

The digital is the reflection of your TV spot. If the consumer finds the same info and message as the ones he saw on TV, it will reassure him and improve the chances of him converting.

You will be able, afterwards, to follow the performances of your TV campaign on digital channels, and discover the impact of your TV campaign in digital: visits to your website, app downloads, calls to your call center… You name it! And you make sure to pursue the client experience in digital in a very smooth way.

You now know everything there is to know to transform those cold months in hot leads!




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