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The KPIs to follow when monitoring the effect of your TV campaign on your brand

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The KPIs to follow when monitoring the effect of your TV campaign on your brand


You'd be wrong to think that only perf-oriented advertisers can follow the effects of their TV campaigns in digital. Brand-oriented ones can too, only if they know which KPIs to follow...


The effect of your TV campaign on your brand 

There are numerous advertisers that think their TV campaign only has an impact on their performance, without thinking they can have some on their brand too. Even though TV has always been seen as a branding media, your very best friend to build your brand image, it has convinced advertisers willing to measure the effect of their TV ad on their performance.

They were following very closely the KPIs they can measure in digital, like the sales revenue, the number of orders, the devices, the average basket, etc., and can measure the instantaneous engagement of their TV audience.

It is not quite true that only perf-oriented advertisers can follow the effect of their TV campaign in digital. Brand-oriented advertisers also have KPIs they can check to understand the impact of their campaign on their brand.

But, what are they?

Your TV campaign, your brand and digital 

Brand search on search engines / social networks 

One of the main KPIs to understand the effect of your TV campaign on your brand is to follow the number of requests on search engines: did your audience go online and look for your brand or key words associated to it after having seen your TV ad?

logos réseaux sociauxWith Brand Effect, you can follow the number of requests made about your brand and words linked to it, and know after that the key words the most looked for when looking for your brand. It will give you a nice overview of what your TV audience think about your brand. 

Brand and key words that can also be mentioned on social networks and spread fast online. When following the effect of your campaign on social networks, you can see the words that your audience has been the most reactive to.

Visits on your website 

Following this, web visits. TV viewers interested by your brand went online to look for it and have been visiting your website. You can measure the number of visits on your website and track the pages you want: homepage, subscription page, "about us"... You choose! And you discover the customer journey of your audience.

A website isn't only made to buy stuff online. Lots of advertisers, especially branding, use their website as a showcase to present their newest products, share their story, values... A lot of pages can be checked by your audience, where they can learn more about you. Don't underestimate your website, it can be the the reflect of the engagement generated by your campaign.

App downloads 

mobile phone Also measurable online, the number of app downloads. Your app, as well as your website, deserves to be closely followed. Lots of users would rather download an app, especially if it's intuitive, than browse on a website.

By communicating on their app, brand-oriented advertisers can earn the trust of lots of clients and retain this audience. They'll be more likely to log into an app they liked and keep on discovering a universe they feel familiar with than visit a website they may have forgotten about.


Performance-oriented TV campaigns aren't the only ones to be followed and optimised! Some KPIs are clearly proof that your TV-viewers are reacting to your brand.

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