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Realytics & Google Analytics: how to better use those tools

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Why invest in Realytics when you already have Google Analytics? Because those 2 are nothing alike! Only Realytics details the impact of your campaign in digital... 

The misconception: Since I already have Google Analytics, there is no need to subscribe to another TV analytics tool 

The context

Already satisfied with Google Analytics that let you follow the evolution of your traffic and the most visited pages, you don’t understand what another TV analytics tool could bring you more.

Realytics' Answer

Don’t be fooled! Those 2 tools are quite different and give you distinct info. Realytics is TV-centric measurement tool, which, primarily, identifies the web-visitors coming from TV and how they behave online. The retrieved data helps then measure the efficiency of a TV campaign, and its optimization. Thanks to Realytics, it is possible to get a spot-to-spot view of your campaign, and to analyse its performance in great details.

Historically, GA allows you to follow the visibility and accessibility of a website, without being able to make the difference between the incremental traffic, measured after the diffusion of a TV spot and the baseline (usual traffic).

Plus, Realytics offers traffic restitutions in real-time, a thing GA doesn’t do, even if it has a “real-time option” that allows to visualize the consolidated data a few hours after they’ve been collected.

Also, Realytics delivers very precise analysis (to the second), that reproduces the effects of each TV spot. Google Analytics only offers a temporal measurement, that isn’t adapted to TV traffic attribution.

Although similar, Realytics and Google Analytics are not the same at all, and if you need a TV analytics tool to measure TV attribution and to optimise your media plan, Realytics is the best option!

Our platform allows our clients to go even further in digital, and imagine cross-channels scenario they wouldn’t even dream of with Google Analytics.

With our solution Digital Follow-Up, we trace the customer journey back from offline to online, and maximise their chances to convert on digital channels.

Happy now?

platform Realytics


The misconception: I can't notice any uplift on my website during my campaign on GA, why subscribe to a TV analytics tool?

The context

Your campaign is up and running and you’re following it on Google Analytics, but you can’t see any uplift of your traffic on your website. Does it mean your campaign is not drive to web?

Realytics' Answer

First of all, it is not because you’re intensively watching a pot of hot water that it is going to boil (you’ll have to wait to eat the pasta). The same way, it is not because you’re doing TV analytics that your traffic will go up!

They are several reasons to explain why your traffic is not that high during your TV campaign – and only a precise TV analytics tool can help you identify them! Your traffic stays the same maybe because, without your TV campaign, it would have gone down, and you campaign actually avoided that.

Plus, using a TV analytics tool to study your traffic and the profile of your TV viewers, even if there is only a few of them, could help you modify your media plan according to the results. If would therefore be more efficient and performant, and better adapted to your audience.

Only a TV analytics tool like Realytics can help you clearly identify what TV brings to digital, and define where your traffic is coming from, how your TV viewers are behaving and their identity.


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