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The KPIs to follow when monitoring the effect of your TV campaign

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Your TV campaign has had effect in digital, but, when looking closer, we can see that it affects your brand as well as your audience. 

The effect of your TV campaign on your audience 

When talking about the effect of a TV campaign in digital, we think at first of tangibles KPIs; you'd be surprised to discover everything you can measure in digital, which is not necessarily linked to a website, social networks or an app.

It is indeed possible to know the TV audience receptive to your message, to know more about the TV-viewers and how they act. All of this can help your customise your message and adapt it to your TV audience.

But, actually, maybe you did not know which KPIs to follow to measure the effect of your campaign in digital. Hopefully, Realytics is here to enlighten you and tell you how to better know your audience...

Discover the audience reached by your brand 

TV audience profile: age and gender 

First of all, the most interesting one: who's your audience? Brand Effect gives you some detailed info about it: Realytics can tell you who your audience is, and it is mostly composed of men or women, and their age. 

Once you have this info, you can clearly see if your campaign was efficient and if it has reached your targeted audience. If so, congratulations! If not, don't worry, you can always adjust your message and make it fit better to your reactive audience.

Centers of interests of your TV audience

Another piece of information: the centers of interests of your TV audience ; knowing their activities/types of interests can help you adapt your message according to the results or even imagine new things to seduce and retain it.

This can be very useful if your product is dependent of the activities of your audience; Knowing what they really like, you can keep on pleasing it and even imagine new products to satisfy an new part of your audience you wouldn't have thought of before.

Geolocation of your TV audience 

Last info we wanted to share with you: the geolocation of your TV audience. Realytics tells you in which regions they are located and which areas react the most and the best to your message.

So what? So you can adjust your message according to the results and adapt your actions: you'll maybe think of new OOH, develop new local actions... You'll see !


All of this information allow you to better understand your audience and adjust both your action and your message so they are nearly customised.

No reason your audience is not converting now :)

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