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Realytics raises 2.5 million euros!

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The leader in TV-digital convergence, Realytics raised 2.5 million euros in March 2017, thanks to Elaia Partners, BNP Paribas Développement, and News Invest, its longstanding investor.

Co-founded in 2014, by Guillaume Belmas, Sébastien Monteil, Vincent Nguyen Huu and Grégory Bittan, Realytics has today more than 30 employees, in 4 offices (Paris, London, Munich and Sydney).

The startup is developing a technology for advertisers and media agencies, so they can measure the impact of their TV campaign on their digital channels: website, app, social medias, etc.

Realytics is in a state of growth! It already has seduced more than 250 advertisers, like AlloResto by JustEat, Deezer, Danone, Pandora, The Fork, Royal Caribbean, plus more than 12 media agencies and TV sales houses.

The first real-time TV analytics platform is giving itself the means and resources to go further

Realytics invests on a large scale in R&D, to develop new products and better meet the expectations of its clients, linked to a mutli-screen consomption of TV or a better knowledge of the customer journey from TV to digital.

This fundraising will allow Realytics to speed up its development, work on innovations and reinforce its position as the leader in TV-digital convergence.

Realytics benefits from the trust of investment funds, experts at finding new talents, like Elaia Partners (Criteo, Leads), BNP Paribas Développement, and News Invest, which has been supporting Realytics at every step of its growth.

With offices in France, Germany, Australia and the UK, Realytics truly reveals its ambitions for 2017 and the years to come: this fundraising will allow the startup to structure its teams, hire new talents (sales, tech and marketing) and open news offices in Europe.

"Realytics could share its know-how with renowned advertisers, facing difficulties regarding the transition to digital technology and the mutation of TV. We have been supporting Realytics from the very beginning and are happy to keep contributing to the growth of this great French startup that leads the TV market transformation" explains Stéphane Moity, President of News Invest.

A new approach to media planning and buying

Since 2014, Realytics has been sharing a new approach of offline media buying, performance-centric, which leads brands to better apprehend TV as a ROI channel and get to know the audience responsive to their message.

By the end of 2017, Realytics will present new solutions, made for optimising TV investments and media plans.

"Today, we are the only French actor able to measure the contribution of TV in the conversion funnel, and we follow very closely the digital transformation of TV: replay, IP TV... We are convinced the future of TV will embrace programmatic TV. We possess the biggest data base of the market, and intend to be the leading actor of this future!" claims Guillaume Belmas, CEO of Realytics.

"Even if advertisers and agencies already possess sophisticated solutions to respond to the audience performance and attribution, the actual use of those measure and optimisation tools is clearly newer. We have been seduced by the quality Realytics technology and its value proposition allowing its clients to analyse their TV campaign performance and optimise their ROI. Elaia has been glad to accompany Realytics in its development, which will be marked by programmatic TV", assures Pauline Roux, Partner at Elaia Partners.

"We have been convinced by Realytics technological positioning. The offline TV ad market is rapidly evolving, and Realytics asserts its position as a key actor to reveal the efficiency of TV campaigns, ease TV-digital convergence and taking part in the emergence of customisable TV ads", adds Nicolas Taymen, Director of Venture Participations at BNP Paribas Dévelopment.

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