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Super Bowl commercials: price, audience and fun facts

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Rise and Facts of this key american sport event:
the Super Bowl 



TV ads and Super Bowl, something Super Big!

It is the favorite sport finale of the US, and the second day where they eat the most (after Thanksgiving): the Super Bowl. This huge american football finale acknowledges the Champ of the Champs, the one that will become the great winner of the 2 Conferences (East and West). 

When saying Super Bowl, it actually means Super Big: this event is not to be missed. There are around 111 million Americans and 180 million people (the population of Nigeria) worldwide who follow it on TV, and it is interrupted by the most expensive ads!

The average price of a 30-second spot actually grew 87% over past decade high of 5.05 million dollars in 2017. The grand total of ad revenue during this day raises to $534 million - with both pre- and post-game ads.

The ads broadcasted during Super Bowl are heavily followed by TV viewers, as well as the half-time show, and both advertisers and TV sales houses know it! There are more and more ads: in 2008, 81 spots were shown, for a total of 43 minutes 30 of TV commercial time in the Super Bowl Game. In 2017, there were 102 spots, and a total of 51,30 minutes of TV commercial time. Paradoxically, TV ads seem to be shorter and shorter: 15 second messages tend to be more and more chosen.


Super Bowl LII


Super Bowl advertisers 

They were 5 in 2017 to have spent between 15 and 35 million dollars in TV: 84 Lumber and 21ST Century FOx, with 15 Million dollars, Fiat Chrysler with 20 Million dollars, Procter & Gamble, with 25, Deutsche Telekom with 5 more, and Anheuseur-Busch InBev with 35 Million dollars.

The top 3 Super Bowl advertising categories are the same each year, in different proportions though. Auto Manufacturers arrive first, with 96,8 Million dollars invested in 2015, 86,4 in 2016 and 70,7 Million dollars in 2017. After that, Motion Pictures, with 35,2 Million dollars in 2015, 28,8 in 2016 and 37,6 a year later. In the third position, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, with 8,8 million dollars invested in 2015, 19,2 million in 2016 and 22,7 million dollars in 2017. 

The Best of the Best of the Super Bowl 

You got it: the Super Bowl is no event to kid with. Here are some of the best things about it:

  • The most expensive ad: Chrysler, Imported from Detroit (2011) : 12,4 million dollars
  • The most appreciated dish: Chicken Wings, with 1,25 billion eaten
  • The most consumed drink: beer, with 1,3 billion liters drunk (and soooo many pee breaks)
  • The most connected sport event: 2,000 screens are generally put in the arena, so no one loses anything about the game
  • The most expensive seat: Prices can go up to $80,000 for one seat (you better not leave it at that price)
  • The most lazy (well... lazier, but we were lazy to break the pattern) day: The following day, around 1,5 million American take a day off (you're no buddy here, Bud).

The great American Football Finale is not to be missed, both by TV viewers and advertisers, because of it advertising, sporting and musical performances, with a half-time concert usually awesome - Justin Timberlake will be the one singing at Super Bowl LII, and Realytics' girl team is already quite excited about it...


Super Bowl and TV ads

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