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The case - How to optimize TV campaigns despite a tight media planning

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Anyone looking for custom-made furniture does not look further than The company, founded in 2010, produces several kinds of furniture and is the leading European website for custom-made furnishing.

Realytics has been accompanying since the beginning of 2017 in the measurement of their TV campaigns on digital channels. Next to the high number of spots, that were mainly distributed on smaller channels, the correct attribution due to collision of spots was a challenge for Realytics. and Realytics – Status quo before the partnership

deinSchrank.de_raumIdee_fin_webThe media planning from showed a lot of challenges: a huge number of spots is difficult to track, especially when they are colliding. The attribution to the right spot can be difficult to determine. Also, the team of was missing transparency and insights in the performance of their TV campaigns.

Next to measuring the campaign performance and its influence on the website, wished for a clearer overview on relevant KPIs and the ROI.

To define, which spot creatives are the strongest – and where and when – it is necessary to compare them. On the Realytics platform it is possible to compare channels, day parts, creatives, weekdays etc. Like this the analysis is more transparent and it is easier to optimize the media planning and advertising message. also looked for a partner with the potential for expanding the cooperation (Retargeting, R&D, Brand Effect…).


The solution

Ad Performance - Spot Detection & Impact Tracking: With Ad Performance advertisers can measure the impact of their TV spots on their websites and applications in real time. The real time spot detection detects a spot, as soon as it is airing. During the then opening analysis window, all reactive website visitors are registered. With the Realytics Baseline we can differentiate between natural traffic and the traffic coming straight from TV. The client can follow the analysis in our portal and monitor the personalized KPIs he has chosen before the campaign starts.

In the case of, there was a high volume of over 200 spots/day to track. This number is a huge challenge. Before the partnership most of these spots were only distributed to small channels. With the insights from the analysis, it was possible for to optimize their media planning. Today they are also airing spots on bigger channels.

Another challenge was the overlapping of spots and how to attribute the web visitors to the right spot.


I want to know more about Ad Performance


The results

Regarding the cooperation with Realytics, speaks about a positive long-term effect. It was possible to decrease the CPV of 35%. The client has drawn several other learnings from the partnership:

  • The more precise the TV tracking algorithm works*, the more efficient the following marketing actions are
  • Realytics is a specialist of TV analytics. This is positively mirrored in the industry comparison, especially when looking at the advisory level and user interface.
  • Due to the detailed target group analysis, it is possible to eliminate cost drivers and to regulate the campaigns more efficiently.

* Our algorithm works with machine learning and is developing continuously


“In Realytics, has found a strong partner, with whom we are also planning into the future. The high degree of specialization and the well-developed tools of Realytics offer us a big competitive advantage.

All that will follow is going to be very exciting, since the algorithm is under constant development and will deliver even more precise insights for TV bookings!”

- Peter Kuntz, Head of Department Analytics & Performance




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