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Discover the results of our study: Web sellers and TV ads

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The drive to web specialist, Realytics has analysed the TV campaigns of more than 50 advertisers from July 2016 until June 2017 and could provide an accurate portrait of them: how are web sellers investing and why? Answers.

Various lines of business and huge investments

One of the biggest insight of this study? Web sellers invest in a lot of different lines of business and the budget invested is well split between 5 major ones. Services arrive first, with 25% of investments, followed by tourism (20%), distribution (19%), financial institutions/insurance (14%) and real estate (9%).

As for how much they invested, budgets (gross basis 30 sec) are spread between 200 000 euros (lowest) and 5 750 000 euros (max), with an average of 1 700 000 euros.

"Since the creation of Realytics, we have been accompanying web sellers, often new in TV, with small TV budgets, who invest more more following our recommendations: some multiply their investments by 5!" specifies Guillaume Belmas, Realytics CEO and co-founder.


Pure players on point, game strong

Web sellers recruit better than other advertisers, with 1 TVR that generates 22 direct contacts, for an average cost of 25 euros. For other advertisers, it is quite the opposite: 50 contacts for 106 euros / contact.

"We can easily explain this difference: pure players advertisers are our historical clients, and we've given them the right tools to optimise their drive to web campaigns for a long time. They know how to deal with their TV investments", explains Valérie Teboul, in charge of the Studies at Realytics.


Women are hard to reach, men very reactive

55% of the invested budget is dedicated to age range, 18% towards women (don't forget that 9 messages out of 10 target them) and 15% towards men. Those results are particularly surprising given that women are expensive: they recruit 133 contacts per TVR, for 39 euros / contact. Men generate 274 contacts for 19 euros each! They're clearly a great choice. Age range are pretty average with 220 contacts for 26 euros each.

"In april 2017, we presented a study during "Le Forum de l'IREP" that compared the differences of behavior between men and women in drive to web. We actually find the same insights here, with the target "women" less productive and more expensive than the target "men" or "age range", adds Valérie Teboul.


Cable/satellite, historical channels: strategic choices

TNT channels register an average cost per contact of 28 euros, and 206 contacts per TVR, not far from the 31 euros and 171 contacts/TVR for historical channels, but far away from cable/satellite with 8 euros and 726 contact per TVR.

"It's actually interesting to see that it is the mixed plans (with historical channels + TNT and cable/satellite) which are the most productive for pure players. The number of contacts / TVR are doubled for mixed plans and the cost of contact divided by 2!", concludes Valérie Teboul.


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