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Start-ups or large groups, which one of us?

We won't lie to each other, television has long attracted large groups, and seemed to be the prerogative of communication mammoths, often focusing only on their brand image, without leaving much room for small actors. 80% of the TV budget is monopolized by branding advertisers.

Indeed, start-ups and pure players were often frightened by the vertiginous blow that investing into television represented and too many complications, time and money. However, things have changed, and television is no longer just the preserve of large groups.

Smaller structures are increasingly investing in television, aware that this medium remains the most powerful of the world. For many people, television remains a unique way to make oneself known to as many people as possible in a relatively short period of time. Start-ups and pure players increasingly see television as a particularly effective acquisition lever. For example, there is an increase in natural traffic on an advertiser's website during its TV wave by +55%. When you dissect, you can see that among pure players this increase reaches 66%, unlike 43% among multi-channel players (source: Realytics - Campaigns tracked between July 2016 and June 2017 eligible for analysis).

In addition, all actors realize that viewers have changed the way they consume television. Indeed, more and more people are watching it with a second screen in their hands: 2/3 of French viewers use another screen in front of the television, and 1/3 look for information about the brand after broadcasting a spot (Screen 360 study - Médiamétrie).

Closer and closer to digital, television no longer frightens start-ups, who are familiar with the way digital works and seem to be more comfortable with ultra-powerful media. It is an ideal, fast and efficient way to set up your brand. And, in addition, it is now possible to monitor and measure the performance of your TV spots in digital, just as it is possible to do in digital, thanks in particular to TV analytics tools.


Anyone can get into television but not with just anyone

TV analytics tools that prove to be essential partners when considering launching into television, in the same way as a media agency or a creative agency.

A TV analytics solution allows advertisers to monitor the performance of theirTV campaign, in digital and optimize their media plan based on the results. TV analytics solutions offer advertisers the ability to monitor, in real time, the KPIs of their choice (number of orders, number of app downloads, GRP points reached, revenue, number of calls to a call center...) and to monitor their evolution accurately. Moreover, they provide advertisers with the keys to optimize their media plan and significantly increase the ROI of their TV campaigns.

But let's start from the beginning. Even before opting for a TV tracking solution, an advertiser usually uses a creative agency, in charge of the creative part of a TV campaign and its various spots. Indeed, the drive to web effectiveness of a TV ad often depends greatly on its creative, which must be clear, inspiring and include the necessary elements to encourage the viewer to visit the site / download the advertiser's app. Want to know more about it? We give you the 5 keys to effective drive-to-web communication.

The advertiser then generally turns to a media agency, which manages the purchase of space and media planning.

As in love or friendship, getting into television requires good support!

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