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Investing in television, yes, but why? Benefits and scope

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So, let's make it clear: what can television do for you? How can such a small screen provide you with such great insights?

These are questions that many people ask themselves. And rightly so! It seems unthinkable to be able to effectively quantify the benefits of television and even less to measure them accurately.

And yet, television has a positive impact on your business, but also on your brand image, your notoriety and your reach. And a good mix of these 3 ingredients will certainly allow you to obtain good performance and better results in the long term!


Gone with the television

The reach? Yes, because television is the most powerful medium, which makes it possible to reach the widest audience in the shortest time possible. A single spot broadcast, and you reach thousands of viewers!

The reach then makes it possible to calculate the GRP, the key indicator of advertising pressure. On the scale of an advertising screen, the GRP is reflected in the coverage rate, which is multiplied by the average repetition rate, i.e. the audience reached (e.g. 15% of men aged 25-49), multiplied by the average frequency of repetition of the advertising (e.g. 3 times). This gives a GRP of 15% x 3 = 45 on the male target 25-49.

Imagine, unlike other offline communication channels (display, print...), you have a precise idea of the audience reached!


Notoriety is like television: when you start, you can't stop

Another powerful argument in favor of speaking out on television remains linked to how safe TV is. Indeed, investing in television reassures advertisers: unlike digital, especially the Internet, which is not a secure environment, television is relatively well protected and advertisers can manage the program contexts in which their advertising is broadcast. On the other hand, in the digital world, an advertiser may be associated with an uncontrolled context, which is not necessarily in line with their values.

Television can therefore help them build their notoriety and maintain the weight of their brand. Television has become a real label, with the appearance of the mention "seen on TV" that is often found on the sites of advertisers who have spoken on television. Proud of their presence in TV, the brands play on their TV experience and see it as a true guarantee of quality and reliability. And they're right!

Television to strengthen your notoriety? It's obvious! And it also allows you to enhance your brand image.


On behalf of all brands

Even more than reach and notoriety, television also has a significant impact on the brand itself. What media can better convey your brand image than TV?

Especially since some solutions allow you to know if your TV spot has really had an impact on your brand image. Indeed, it is possible to know the traffic increment generated over the long term by the notoriety effect of your TV campaign... We prove it here with our Brand Effect solution!

This impact can also be discovered by following business metrics, such as the number of orders, the average basket amount, the number of pages visited or application downloads... This allows advertisers to truly quantify the effectiveness of their TV campaign and adapt their next waves based on the results. Provided you follow the right indicators... and therefore know how to choose them!


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