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3rd tip before launching a TV campaign: Pursue the client experience online

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Now, more than ever, the Internet is an integral part in the daily routine of Brits: daily Internet users equal 68% of the UK population. (The Google Consumer Barometer Report – 2016). You’re planning to advertise on TV?
Make sure to be digital-ready. 


Internet, an extension of TV

The Internet has become eternally linked to TV. 36% of TV viewers search the web for additional information after watching a TV ad (Eurodata – 2016). Selecting the right keywords for your next campaign is necessary if you want TV viewers to find and visit your website. That’s why we talk about the second-screen effect when referring to the behaviour & actions of TV viewers who use a connected device while watching TV.

Television has always been a captivating media, and often encourages TV viewers to satisfy their curiosity by looking for more information on the Internet about the programs/ads they’ve been watching. Brits often react on social media, especially on Twitter, to the TV shows they’re watching, just like Americans do.

Internet, a reflection of the TV spot

Your website and social media  - even your apps – should be the reflection of your advertising message, and ought to be completed with special offers, key information (and words!), or new products you were pushing in your TV ad. It is not only the multiplicity of messages, which have a better chance of being remembered, but also the confidence they inspire among consumers, that will help them find the exact info they were interested in when watching the TV spot.

Think bigger! If your TV ad is buzzing, it has even more likelihood to be shared and to stay on the Internet ! This is also a clear guarantee of durability for your advertising message, your product and/or your brand.

Internet, an indicator of your TV campaign performance

OK, so you’ve decided you wanted to pursue the customer experience in digital, but are you currently able to measure it? With Realytics, you can discover the real-time impact of your TV campaign in digital.  Web traffic, app downloads, calls to your call center… It’s up to you!

It is now possible to measure TV viewer engagement on your digital channels and understand their entire journey from offline to online. This precious data helps you optimise the ROI of your TV campaigns, as well as adjust and rethink your media strategy, so that you can increase the sales revenue generated by your TV campaign.

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