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You have a clear understanding of how TV program buying works and its many benefits, and you are ready to embark on the adventure. Now you want to know what kind of data Adkymia collects and how it is used. To your credit, you have very well integrated the "GDPR" reflex - although a little too much because, concerning Adkymia, no personal data is used (except to connect to the platform) - so no reason to be worried.


Everything that enters, leaves (or not)

Well, we've already revolutionized the purchase of TV space, we can't reinvent everything. So, inevitably, once you have your choice (very good by the way) and you have decided to buy your TV campaign in programmatic, you are asked to create an account.

That being said, we even ask you a little bit earlier. Indeed, in the event that you have asked us for a simulation - we understand, of course, that no one buys an apartment without having visited it - we must ask you for some information: the name of your brand, your website, your sector of activity, the budget dedicated to your campaign, the date of your campaign and information on your creative (its length and sector code).

Once you are a customer (and there is no doubt that you will be 🥰), you will be asked for some administrative and billing information here and there. And, of course, you will have to reveal the queen of the evening: the creative. If you don't have any yet and want help, don't panic, our partners will help you with the choice and construction of your creative, so that it will be as drive to web as possible.

If you are not an advertiser but rather speak on its behalf, you will also be asked to upload a signed mandate contract.


Any exit is final (or not)

Let's now talk about the data that our artificial intelligence, unique on the market, uses to automatically build your media plan, based on the knowledge and R&D accumulated over the past 5 years. The SNPTV informs us of the opening dates of the inventories (every 2 months), and we have access to the inventories of TV sales houses. 

Our partners send us their available inventory directly, and we apply sector rates, as well as format indices if the boards have enacted them. Crystal clear, right?


What about the performance?

We presented it as soon as we issued our press release announcing the launch of Adkymia: just as we buy based on performance on the digital, the future is to buy like that on television too! and the future is now.

Indeed, you already knew that Realytics was a TV tracking solution that analyzed the performance of TV and radio campaigns, and provided advertisers and their agencies with the necessary data to optimize their media plans. How does it work? It's very simple. After having defined with the advertiser the KPIs they wanted to follow, Realytics send them a tag to put on the pages concerned to follow the activity following the broadcast of a TV spot. Thanks to the tag, Realytics can identify the "TV committed", those viewers convinced by your ad who have visited your site following its broadcast. All the performances of the different spots of the same campaign are then available in the Realytics platform.

With Adkymia, the process is the same: the advertiser puts a tag on the pages determined upstream, and we can record the number of TV viewers attracted by their ad. We will be able to calculate what is already known as the "CPC", or Cost per Commitment, which can be compared to a cost per visit, specially designed for television by Realytics. And, rest assured, here again, there is no crossover, no questionable manipulation, the data used to calculate the CPC are only that of the customer concerned.


Intrigued, interested, challenged?

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