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Is there a good time to invest in TV?

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Is there a good time to invest in television?

Just as there is no really "right time" to have a child or dump your future ex, there is no really right time to invest in television. Above all, you must feel ready and be well supported.

However, it may be necessary to plan a TV campaign to support a critical moment for your business. We are thinking, for example, of a product launch, a re positioning or sometimes even to balance the efforts of a competition that is a little too aggressive...


Product launch and television launch

Television is obviously an extremely effective means of promoting a new product or offer, particularly because of its colossal reach and its effect on brand awareness.

TF1 Publicité, for example, carried out a study via the Access Panel Toluna on the launch of Nutella B-ready, the Italian cocoa giant's crispy new product in 2016. It shows that the rapid success of the product was closely linked to the launch of a TV campaign, particularly the wave broadcast on French channel TF1.

As a result of this campaign, 73% said they had a good image of the Ferrero brand and 65% wanted to buy the product.

Result ? 33.4 million euros in revenue, one of the brand's best product launches!


Change of positioning and positioning in television

BlaBlaCar started the year 2018 on a high note! The French carpooling leader started the year with a new visual identity, a new logo, a new algorithm and a new TV campaign!

The new wave of early 2018 then presented the new logo, which is no longer a simple mention of the company's name, but the revival of the 2 "b", which, together, form quotation marks.

Quotation marks that take up the exchange side of carpooling trips, from a community that today has more than 60 million members! This new visual identity highlights the human connections of carpooling, and is featured in the TV campaign launched on this occasion, which celebrates travel and exchanges.


The art of competition

One of the most convincing examples of fierce competition between 2 players remains the clash that shakes up the 2 heavyweights of mobile telephony: Apple and Samsung.

The Korean does not hesitate to make fun of his American competitor in his new spots, with the highlight being the one-minute format that had been mocking all iPhones since their release in 2007, highlighting their main weaknesses compared to Samsung (lack of waterproofness, smaller screen, little memory, etc.).

The Korean continues to attack his rival in short but very effective ads, combining black humor and originality. Television to face competition, even to anticipate it? Touché coulé!


Don't you recognize yourself in one of these three situations? That doesn't mean that television isn't for you!

Indeed, we find an identical pattern among Realytics' client start-ups: a desire to accelerate its growth, extend its reach, develop its brand, while having the impression that digital channels are no longer sufficient and that they must find new acquisition levers. This is often the time for a fundraising event. And when you talk about fundraising, you talk about the budget to be allocated to television. And television means unbeatable ROI... You get it, right? 

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