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Choose TV, or how to benefit from the most powerful media of the world

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It is the most powerful kind of advertising in the world: TV. Yes, but why? Explanations.

Television is a mass media

There are very few medias that can touch such a big audience in such little time: TV is the most popular form of video, and the most used support in the UK: 80% of somebody's average daily consumption. 20 go to smartphones, tablets and computers.

Why? Maybe because TV is the largest media (except from cinema screens, obviously) in a household, and those screens just keep getting bigger and larger (like the audience they're reaching actually).

Television is a safe media

The contents, the messages, the advertisers that appear on TV are "safe" thanks to different mechanism ensuring the quality of the ads broadcast on TV, unlike those shown on Internet or app that are not always checked. Therefore, TV is the most secure media, reaching a broad and diverse audience.

Television is a powerful media

Powerful because it can reach a huge number of persons. BARB said it... The average UK viewer spends 3,5 hours per day in front of the TV, and 86% of this is live broadcast. How many ads does a English watch per day, you asked? 45 !

The power of TV also lies in the fact that it is the media that can reach the biggest part of audience in a very short space of time. It is especially true for live programs like big sport, politic or cultural events, where TV attracts a huge audience, gathered at the same moment in front of their TV.

Television and the halo effect

The halo effect is our new favorite topic, here at Realytics. Our solution Brand Effect, launched in June, 2017, focuses on the halo effect, which characterizes how a TV ad can shine upon the brand it praises, or the effect of notoriety that results from a T spot. TV truly has an impact on the reputation of a brand, and can create trust. All those elements will surely affect (positively) the fame of a brand.

TV advertising has always served the interest of branding advertisers, who want to measure the impact of their TV campaign on other KPIs than business ones. That's exactly what Brand Effect does, when measuring the global impact of your campaign and its impact on your brand.

All the data collected provide a wealth of information. With them, Realytics can define a client profile and spread them by age, gender, area of interest and geolocation. Powerful info for advertisers who want to reach a specific target, and make sure they address the right person the right message, at the right time!11

For more information, check this article published in Pace Media.

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