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Discover the results of our study: Drive to web panorama in TV 

Realytics has analysed the TV campaigns of more than 100 of its clients from July 2016 to June 2017 and could draw a very instructive panorama of their TV investments and their drive to web performances. 

Pure players on point, game strong

Realytics reveals that 1 TVR generates 144 direct contacts for an average cost of 37 euros. If we dig deeper, we can see that pure players can recruit better (222 contacts / 25€/contact) than multi channel advertisers, who get 50 contacts / 106€/contact).

"We can easily explain this difference: pure players advertisers are our historical clients, and we've given them the right tools to optimise their drive to web campaigns for a long time. They know how to deal with their TV investments", explains Valérie Teboul, in charge of the Studies at Realytics

Women and socio-professional categories, cable/satellite: strategic choices

TNT channels register an average cost per contact of 36 euros, compared to 56 for historical channels. Regarding the cable and satellite, they are the more competitive (9 euro per contact), but they lack in term of audience shares.

When advertisers introduce an historical channel in their media plan, they can generate a lot of contacts at a very competitive price: 149 contacts/TVR, for a cost of 34 euros / contact. The media plans exclusively on TNT and cable/satellite are the less productive (116 contacts/TVR) and the less competitive (47 euros/contact).

We would therefore advise to advertise on the 3 types of channels.

Sunday, the perfect day 

Compared to other days of the week (and because Sunday = Brunch), Sunday is THE very best day when talking about the productivity of the audience and the cost/contact. This is true in the morning, between 9 and 12, as well as in the afternoon, between 3pm and 6pm).

The TV campaigns drive to web measurement provided by Realytics shines a new light upon TV performances. It completes the measure of the TV audience. Nowadays, it is not enough to buy an audience; you have to make sure it is receptive and reactive.

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