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Is television a good acquisition channel?

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On the One to One e-commerce show in 2019, Guillaume Belmas, CEO of Realytics, and Vincent Ngo Van, Marketing Manager of iDGARAGES, spoke at a workshop they dedicated to demonstrating the power of television.

Understand the power of television and the need to measure its performance

Today, television is a powerful medium, totally anchored in the French homes. 94% of French households are equipped with a television, and the media attracts 44.1 million viewers every day, including 43.1 million on their television sets and 4.5 million on digital screens. On the consumption side, we are therefore sure of the reach and power of television: the French watch television for 3 hours and 36 minutes every day, for all age groups, screens and places combined.

But what about the advertiser side? Realytics has proven it: we observe an average traffic increment of +60% following a TV campaign. Advertisers who decide to invest in television are always rewarded because it proves to be an excellent acquisition channel. And, although historically, brand advertisers have been the first to choose television to work on their reputation and brand image, pure-players and even multi-channel advertisers are now thinking about investing in television as well.

Television is a serious asset that should not be underestimated in its media strategy, provided that its performance is measured to ensure its effectiveness and the productivity of its investments. By analyzing TV performance, it is then possible to convert an audience engaged by TV to digital and better understand the target audience reached by its spot and the overall effect of its TV campaign.

But how then can we succeed in all these steps and transform television into a real acquisition channel?


Choose the right drive to web creative

5 essentials should set the pace for the design of the film to be broadcast on television. By definition, a "drive to web", or "drive to app" or "drive to call center" creative must insert the mention of the site, the app or the call center. You can't expect guests to come to your house if you don't give them your address! After that, don't hesitate to introduce some user experience and put TV visitors in situation: show them how they could navigate your site, use your application, use your products...

To complete your design, don't forget to insert a clear and engaging CTA (call to action), which will bring the final touch and convince viewers to visit your website or download your app. Finally, use the imperative!

After using the same creator for 3 years, iDGARAGES decided to change their film at the beginning of 2019 and to push one slightly more drive to web while continuing to play the old one, more focused on its brand image in the same media plan, then benefiting from the same mix of channels, time slots and the same budget. For Vincent Ngo Van, the effectiveness of these investments and actions can only be proven by measuring them. Therefore iDGARAGES has equipped itself with a TV analytics tool, to enable it to analyze the performance of its new TV campaign.

And the results were conclusive! Vincent Ngo Van observed a +40% increase in direct visits following the broadcast of his new television creation, compared to the old one.


Analyze the performance of your TV campaign in real time

TV analytics solutions as they exist today prove the effectiveness of television, which advertisers have (too) long doubted. TV analytics not only allows you to measure the ROI of your TV campaign but also to easily optimize your investments.

Thanks to a technology of detection at the first second of spot diffusion, Realytics allows you to measure the instantaneous commitment from spot to spot and to access a detailed analysis of your media plan on different levels (by type of program, not channel, by control room, by day of the week, time slot...).

After analyzing its performance in TV, iDGARAGES had decided, for example, to communicate in summer and at the beginning of the year, and not to continue investing in sponsorship. Indeed, although less expensive than the traditional purchase in terms of cost per GRP, television sponsorship is only effective when the brand is sufficiently established. For iDGARAGES, everything had been a question of balance and measurement to understand exactly the scope and effectiveness of its TV investments, which had been possible thanks to Realytics.


Synchronize your TV and digital actions

Even more than having an impact on the advertiser's website traffic, television shows influence the advertiser's search requests. Following a spot on television, the volume of search requests increases on average by +60%! With its Ad Sync solution, Realytics is able to prove the effectiveness of television on the search, allowing advertisers to synchronize their AdWords campaigns in real time to maximize television efficiency.

Television influences natural referencing: the more requests there are for an advertiser, the more SEO is built. As iDGARAGES has observed, the "seen on TV" effect increases the CTR of SEO traffic following a switch to television.

"If you closely monitor your investments with a solution like Realytics, television will prove to be as effective an acquisition channel as digital ones concludes Vincent Ngo Van.



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