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TV/Search synchronization: how to generate more conversions

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Thanks to TV, you can capture the attention of millions of people in front of their screens. 43.3 million every day, to be precise, according to the French statistics agency Médiamétrie. And when we talk about attention, we mean captivated people. We are talking about people sitting comfortably at home in front of a big screen, in 4K no less.  

Once you have captured their attention and raised their curiosity with your advertising spot, viewers will want to find out more about what you have to offer, by going online. The most dedicated will have memorized your website address, but most will have the reflex of typing your brand name or sector of activity into a search engine, most often Google (93.1%).  

TV/search: increasing website traffic

Synchronizing TV and search increases traffic to the advertiser's website. According to the 2MV study, "TV-Search synchronization: the advertising ping-pong begins", TV advertising leads to an average +60% increase in search engine queries.  

To achieve this, it is possible to increase bids on branded and/or non-branded searches at the time of TV appearances. This allows you to appear higher in the search results and increases the chances of attracting TV engagement to your site. 

Example: a cosmetics brand can increase the bids on the search keywords "lipstick" and "mascara" when its TV commercial airs. This will attract even more new visitors to its website who are interested in its products. 

TV/seach: gaining visibility

To guarantee brand visibility on search engines, bids for brand queries can be increased during broadcasts. This also prevents click "cannibalization" and maintains the brand's position in search results. 

Example: A clothing brand can increase bids on the search keywords "clothing brand" during the broadcast of its TV ad. This will enable it to maintain its position in search results and avoid being cannibalized by its competitors. 

TV/search: guerrilla marketing

You can also turn your competitors' strength against them, like a marketing judoka. How can you do this? By capturing part of the drive-to-web impact of a competitor's campaign.  

You can do this by creating content or marketing actions targeted at the viewers of a competitor's campaign. This allows you to reach a new audience and increase brand awareness. 

Example: A video game brand might create a comedy video parodying a competitor's TV ad. This video will be broadcast on social networks at the same time as the competitor's TV ad. This will enable the brand to reach a new audience and create buzz. 

Maximize the impact of your TV campaign on search with AdSync

To get the best possible results, it is possible to optimize your advertising campaigns. This is where AdSync from Realytics comes in: AdSync allows you to synchronize your TV shows with your paid search campaigns (Google Ads).  

Total control over your search budget

Budget control is a major concern for all marketing and advertising experts. AdSync simplifies your business model by allowing you to define your trigger parameters. You have control over TV channels, time slots, and you can choose to synchronize the advertiser's spots or those of your competitors. You can also set details such as delay, duration, bid max (target CPC / CPA), days, and time slots.

Real-time search optimization for maximum ROI

AdSync synchronizes your Google Ads campaigns with TV commercials in real time. This means you can adjust your bids and keywords at any time, guaranteeing your ad's visibility on every TV run. This real-time synchronization allows you to maximize the drive to web impact of your campaign, which is essential for ROI management.    

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For even more concrete results, it is important to measure the performance of your TV campaigns. For this, AdPerformance is the answer. 

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