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Performance-based TV buying: myth or reality?

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Measuring television performance

Yes, television ROI can be measured

For quite some time, there was this idea floating around that TV was mainly for big advertisers who wanted to get their brand out there and stick in people's minds. However, measuring the ROI of the small screen seemed like an impossible task.

But it is not. Don't be fooled by the size of the screen; a small screen doesn't necessarily mean low performance. In fact, we're seeing substantial ROI potential here! Advertisers are noticing, for example, an average increase in natural traffic to their site of +55% during their TV wave (source: Realytics - Campaigns tracked between July 2016 and June 2017 eligible for analysis).

It is now possible to measure the impact of television on digital, and to track the performance of its ads at the same time using TV analytics tools. Measuring, monitoring and optimizing!

Yes, television ROI can be optimized

Thanks to the data gathered by analyzing their campaigns, advertisers are now able to unravel their investments, understand the combinations that work and those that don't, and as a result optimize their media plans.

How is this possible? It is actually quite simple. After selecting the metrics of their choice, advertisers can track their progress on TV analytics platforms, and see if their spot has had the desired effect on digital, whether in terms of visits to a website, app downloads, calls to a call center or purchases on a market place.

After an initial campaign, the advertiser has the opportunity to adjust their media plan. This can be done by changing the days, day shares, channels, etc. in order to optimize the ROI - similar to the digital sector. It is even possible to optimize the media plan during an ongoing campaign, as the TV spots are detected and analyzed in real time.

On average, our customers achieve an optimized ROI after 3 campaigns!

Yes, television ROI can be predicted

Even more than the present, it is possible to play with the future! In fact, some TV analytics tools such as Realytics offer a predictive analysis solution, making it possible for you to predict the performance of a media plan even before the campaign is launched, and to compare the results of several media plans in order to choose the one most likely to perform.

These solutions give you a clearer idea of the level of responsiveness your TV campaign could generate, and clearly enable advertisers to "buy on performance" (we will get to that!).

So you can create your own media plans, compare them and choose the one that performs best... but what if it would work in reverse as well?

From performance analysis to performance-based purchasing

What if you could set your budget and performance objectives (number of web visits, app downloads, calls to a call center, etc.) in advance, and then come up with an optimal media plan? What if, by analyzing the ROI of their previous TV campaigns, advertisers could create a media plan with the channels, days of the week, time slots and even creatives that perform best?

What if we didn't have to live with ifs anymore? Automated media planning is now a reality, with the arrival of the very first tool to automatically build a media plan based on data linked to the drive-to-web performance of TV campaigns. An artificial intelligence solution that saves TV buyers considerable time and money

Interested? Discover Adkymia.

This TV media planning automation solution is set to revolutionize the TV advertising market, enabling advertisers and agencies to build and monitor all or part of their TV campaigns based on drive-to-web performance data.

Performance, you say?

It's a reality.

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