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AdSync: Your MVP on the field for the Euro 2024 TV advertisement

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In Germany, 22.49 million viewers watched the Germany-Scotland opening match on ZDF, representing 69% of audience share. In the UK, the first Euro match of The Three Lions against Serbia got an audience share of 60%, while in France, Les Bleus' 3 matches attracted an audience share of over 47%, and even over 53% for the match against Poland.

Aware of the importance of this audience, advertisers and their agencies have implemented strategic media plans, hoping for returns to match their investments.  

However, not everyone is aware of the secret ace in the game: AdSync

The winning pass: TV/digital synchronization 

When the time is right, you have to score to avoid having regrets and hearing the famous "high level is played out in details". So, to make sure you don't get beaten by the competition, and to protect your brand and the lead you've built up by broadcasting your spots, AdSync synchronizes your TV campaigns with Google Search in real time.

Imagine a Euro 2024 viewer who, after seeing your TV spot, goes online to find out more about your product. AdSync guarantees that your digital campaign follows this impulse, ensuring real-time coordination for maximum Drive-to-Web impact.

And don't forget: TV campaigns synchronized with AdSync result in an average +60% increase in search engine requests for your spots. 

A goalie to protect your brand 

With AdSync, every time you appear on TV, you can increase the bids on your brand's search queries, blocking any rivals' attempts to gain visibility. This strategy allows you to secure your online presence, ensuring that your brand stays at the top of search results, just as a goalkeeper protects his goal.

Your competitors are on TV, so why not opt for counter-pressing?

Are your competitors monopolizing advertising screens? Counter-pressure with Adsync to quickly regain control online. Whenever competing brands appear on TV, seize the opportunity to intercept part of the drive-to-web impact of their campaign.

Adsync lets you take advantage of openings created by others to score points online. Use this strength to your advantage like a mischievous striker who exploits the slightest opportunity to make his team shine. Just when we said details matter.

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