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Anticipation of the Olympics: How television increases excitement

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To experience the Olympic Games in Paris is a dream for many, but unfortunately it doesn't come true for everyone.

However, luckily the public authorities are making it possible for everyone to watch this sporting event "d'importance majeure" (of major importance). The law guarantees that the entire matches will be broadcast free-to-air.

The official broadcasters of the Games in France, France Télévisions and Eurosport (Warner Discovery), will put together an exceptional program to provide comprehensive broadcast coverage of the competitions. Hundreds of hours of live broadcasts, expert analysis, portraits of athletes and exciting reports will be offered to bring viewers closer to the magic of the Olympic Games.

Although the experience cannot replace being on site, television offers a unique accessibility and perspective that allows everyone to enjoy the Games in their own living room, but also in public spaces as part of events in several French cities. So, thanks to television, everyone can cheer on the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris and support the athletes who will do their best to win gold.

First good news for advertisers.

The latest Olympic Games are already a ratings success!

The Olympic Games have always been a major event that attracts millions of TV viewers around the world. The last Olympics in Tokyo in 2021 is no exception.

France Télévisions saw a significant increase in viewership, attracting more than 50 million people, six million more than the 2016 Rio Olympics.

One can only imagine the ratings for the Olympic Games in Paris - without the time difference and domestically.

This massive audience hub represents a golden opportunity for advertisers of all sizes and sectors, offering unique branding, sponsorship and 360° communication opportunities.

A second piece of good news for advertisers.

From athletic performances to TV performances 

As Laurent Luyat, France Télévisions' flagship sports journalist analyzed during the last Olympics, "viewer enthusiasm for the Olympics goes hand in hand with French medals".

Athletes' success is measured in medals. The success of TV channels is measured in viewership. But how can an advertiser measure the success of its TV campaign?

Because yes, advertisers, like athletes, prepare their TV advertising campaigns. There are no sports disciplines here, but each has planned its TV strategy to achieve TV ROI, branding performance, media investment optimization or direct or indirect traffic gains thanks to its TV campaign.

The third piece of good news for advertisers is that Realytics' AdPerformance solution measures TV performance. It doesn't measure meters covered in a long jump. Instead, we measure traffic gains, TV sponsorship performance, and so on. In short, we measure TV campaigns according to your KPIs.

For example, which digital channels do you want to include in the measurement? Drive to web, drive to app or drive to call center?  And what metrics do you need? Sales per spot, cumulative sales, number of buyers or connection device?

Every stage of the customer journey, from exposure to conversion, is analyzed to put you on the podium of the advertising competition and win gold!

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