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Koolicar measures its notoriety following TV campaign with Realytics

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With its new solution Brand Effect, Realytics shows that a drive-to-web approaches serves your performances as well as your brand and its notoriety, as proven by Koolicar 


In 2013, Koolicar has developed an innovative solution of cars renting between individuals. In order to move up a gear and stand out from the competition, Koolicar was the first actor to go on TV in 2016. It has chosen Realytics since the beginning to analyse the impact of its campaign in digital and optimise its media plans.

Realytics helped Koolicar measure the impact of its campaigns on business KPIs but also on branding KPIs, thanks to its new solution: Brand Effect.

Brand Effect, or how to measure the halo effect of a TV campaign

That's exactly in those situations that we do live to proclaim "Tested & Approved". When announcing the release of our latest solution, Brand Effect, on June, 2017, we could present the case of one of our clients, Koolicar, who had tested (and approved) it.

First of all, what is Brand Effect? It is a solution that measures the halo effect of a campaign, meaning the incremental traffic generated on the long-term by a TV spot, and that also defines the profile of the TV viewers convinced by a campaign. Your campaign does not only affect your business KPIs but also your branding KPIs, and there are numerous digital indicators that can prove it.

For Koolicar, testing Brand Effect was the perfect occasion to know if its TV campaigns were relevant, broadcasting the right message, touching the right target. As Frederique Lorentz, Marketing Director at Koolicar, pointed out, "Brand Effect allowed us to have a clearer vision of the notoriety of our brand and to have enough relevant info to adjust our future TV campaigns". Everything has been said.

Everything? Almost.

Key indicators that affect Koolicar's media strategy 

Brand Effect dissects 3 levels of data: search visibility, geolocalisation and socio-demo.

For Koolicar, search visibility - it is the notoriety of the brand on search engines - allowed it to measure the impact of TV on search engines requests, when people were looking for the brand (brand requests) itself or keywords (non-brand requests) associated to it. During the campaign of April, 2017, there was a +197,39% increase of brand requests ("Koolicar" and other mispellings) and a +3,70% increase of non-brand requests ("car rental", etc). Knowing those words allowed Koolicar to review its entire Adwords campaign and adjust it according to the words that were the most frequently searched for.

With the geolocalisation, Koolicar could measure the impact of its TV campaigns by geographical areas, and the reactivity rate of its TV-engaged viewers. Thanks to all this data, Koolicar knows which online actions it much conduct in which department, whether it wants to reinforce its notoriety in a geographic area already convinced by its services or to get stronger in an area where they are weak. With this info, Koolicar can know where it would benefit from the best ROI.

Plus, as Frederique Lorentz was saying, "Thanks to Realytics, we gained access to more info and could aim at other targets". How? Using the data that allow it to better know its audience and optimise its TV campaigns.

And this is how Brand Effect is similar to the other solutions developed by Realytics: They tend to maximise its clients' ROI.

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