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Maximize your TV ROI at key times of the year

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As the seasons go by, our calendar is punctuated by special events, from Mother's Day to Black Friday to the magic of Christmas. So the question naturally arises: is investing in a communications strategy dedicated to these milestone periods really worth it? 

Building stories between brands and consumers 

Take Valentine's Day, for example, which has transformed the simple celebration of lovers to a must-attend event for advertisers and advertising agencies. TV advertising campaigns aim to grab people's attention and make them feel strong emotions like love, romance, and desire. These feelings help persuade viewers to buy things, especially when they're looking for the perfect gift.

Here are some of the success stories Realytics has measured for its clients during Valentine's Day campaigns: 

  • For a lingerie brand, a 200-spot campaign generated an immediate +15% increase in direct visits to the brand's website at a cost per visit of just €2.97. Even more remarkably, the campaign created a lasting connection, with a 41% jump in total visits and a cost per visit reduced to €1.05.

  • For a restaurant booking app, a strategy spread over the whole month of February led to a spectacular increase in visits, peaking on February 14 with an increase of almost +1000 direct visits, demonstrating the enormous potential of TV advertising in the restaurant sector.


Let's not forget that every brand is unique and adopts a marketing strategy that matches its needs.

Adjust your marketing strategy for each marketing season

The success of an event campaign lies in its ability to measure and optimize consumer engagement through innovative TV advertising.  

At Realytics, we support brands and their agencies in analyzing costs per visit and evaluating the long-term impact of their campaigns, providing clear insights to continuously improve performance with a potential ROI increase of up to +50%. 

Discover the performance of your TV campaign

Are you curious about your audience's reaction to your TV ads? Would you like to measure their engagement accurately?  

At Realytics, we simplify the process with AdPerformance. Give your brand the power to measure, analyze and optimize its advertising campaigns. In France AdPerformance has even received an exemption for consent from the French data protection authority CNIL?

Discover AdPerformance


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