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Bee measures Shopmate in Germany with Ad Alliance

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Paris, October 23, 2023 - Optimizing Ad Alliance's cross-media impact measurement - the Cross Impact model - becomes a family affair.

From now on, RTL Deutschland's Ad Alliance will rely on Realytics, the leading AdTech company in TV campaign measurement and a subsidiary of smartclip, RTL Group's AdTech development unit, to measure the performance of Addressable TV (ATV) and Connected TV (CTV). 

For the first time in July and August 2023, the Brand Exposition and Engagement (Bee) solution developed by Realytics was tested in Germany, during a campaign for the Shopmate cashback offer from Checkout Charlie, an RTL Deutschland company. 

For this pilot case, Checkout Charlie ran its TV campaign for four weeks in the summer of 2023, supported by addressable TV reinforcement from the Ad Alliance catalog.  

Bee measures the exposure of commercials from the first second of all TV audiences, fragmented between linear TV, ATV and CTV.  

In addition, Bee measures engagement generated by advertising on the advertiser's website and applications. Bee goes down in granularity by analyzing the quality and depth of engagement generated by each activated TV distribution channel.  

The combination of exposure and engagement gives advertisers a complete picture of their campaign, enabling them to make strategic choices. Bee, for example, highlighted three key insights for Shopmate: 

  • +25% drive to web engagement 
  • +325% of users initiating a registration process 
  • 2.26 minutes average time on site.  

The Cross Impact model, as measured by Bee, plays an essential role in Crossover Evolution. It is not limited to omni-channel product marketing, but also encompasses a vision of a media universe that no longer operates in compartmentalized silos. This cross-media vision includes proof of performance. With "Cross Impact by Realytics", it is now possible to adapt media strategy on the basis of unified data on the impact of all TV campaigns, including drive to web and drive to app.  
Isabella Thissen, COO Ad Alliance: "Our first Cross Impact case study in the spring paved the way and aroused great interest in the market. The next step is to generalize this model. To this end, we are working with our French subsidiary Realytics - highly specialized professionals in the fields of analytics and programmatic - to integrate each TV device into the attribution model. The test with Shopmate was a complete success for us, and we were able to draw important lessons for the development phase."
Sabine Fischbach-Neumann, Country Manager DACH at Realytics: "Audience fragmentation is a challenge for all market players. The question of the value of each euro invested in a media plan is essential at the present time. Supporting the Ad Alliance initiative is not just about Germany. It's also an important benchmark for us in other markets. Transparency on the added value of each TV device, i.e. linear TV, ATV and CTV, for a campaign, shows what media planning will look like in the future." 
Thanks to Bee, a single-source measurement solution for TV campaigns on linear TV, ATV and CTV, Realytics can measure and compare spots broadcast on all channels.  

For an accurate measure of overall cross-media reach, Bee calculates the duplication rate between each TV distribution channel, as well as the level of repetition to which each household is exposed. 

The data analyzed by Bee is fully opt-in and pseudonymized, making the solution fully compliant with RGPD rules and respectful of privacy. 

The measurement of various generic and/or bespoke KPIs, offers a wide range of analyses - from cross-media reporting to media plan optimization according to ROIst approaches - based on transparent data about the impact of linear TV, ATV and CTV on digital.


About Ad Alliance

Ad Alliance is Germany's number 1 advertising network and a leading partner for individualized campaigns and holistic, cross-media campaign concepts. Since 2016, Ad Alliance has pooled the skills of strong media partners and is responsible for selling advertising space for the channels and offerings of RTL Germany, the SPIEGEL Group and video and technology specialist smartclip . The team also markets the print and digital brands of Media Impact and rtv media group. Ad Alliance sells advertising space for around 500 media brands in TV, print, digital, ATV and audio - reaching almost 100% of the German population. In addition to content consulting expertise, Ad Alliance offers innovative technological solutions ranging from programmatic to contextual, data-driven advertising.  

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About Realytics

A pioneer and leader in TV-Digital convergence, Realytics was founded in 2014 and has continued to innovate in the AdTech market. Specializing in the measurement and analysis of TV advertising campaign performance (AdPerformance), Realytics continues to transform the TV medium and in 2019 is developing Adkymia, the first programmatic TV DSP. Adkymia digitizes and automates the process of buying linear and ATV campaigns to make the TV medium accessible to as many people as possible. In 2022, Realytics launches Bee, a deterministic measurement solution for linear, ATV and Connected TV campaigns (5 times awarded).  

Realytics' solutions enable brands and agencies to efficiently measure, analyze, manage and buy TV advertising campaigns. Realytics is 40 experts in AdTech and the TV/digital ecosystem, supporting more than 650 brands in their advertising campaigns in France and abroad. The company also works with several major media/telcos groups in France and abroad: TF1, M6, France Télévisions, Canal+, RMB, Bouygues, Orange, etc. Realytics will join the RTL group in 2022 following its acquisition by smartclip, the group's adtech subsidiary. With smartclip, Realytics reaffirms its ambition to build a panel of strong European technological solutions for the TV ecosystem. 

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 Media contacts

Zarifa Schmitt (Ad Alliance, RTL Germany): / +49 221 456-74201 

Cyrille Billon (Realytics) :  

Alexandre Langlois (Realytics): / +33 6 14 51 58 27

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