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Bee by Realytics, a leader in measurement, performance analysis, and TV buying, and a pioneer in TV-Digital convergence, has been honored as the AdTech solution of the Year 2023, at the Adtech Awards by Minted!! 

This top-of-the-podium nomination is due to Realytics' innovations in TV advertising measurement and analysis, as well as TV programmatic buying. In an economic context marked by inflation and slowing investments, Realytics continues to drive the market forward and meets the expectations of the TV ecosystem with its innovative adtech solutions. 

A market that is not measured does not exist. 

The stakes are high in 2023. First and foremost, the question of the effectiveness of addressable TV. The ability to target on TV is expected, but results are also needed. At the ROI#4 event organized by SNPTV (the trade association representing TV advertising agencies in France) and AF2M (French Association for the Development of Multimedia Services for Multiple Operator), Realytics was chosen as a trusted third party to demonstrate the effectiveness and Drive-to-Web nature of addressable TV. The results of this use case, presented with Peugeot, were awarded Gold at the digital awards in June 2023. They are impressive and contribute to the dynamism of investments in this market. 

This work on measuring addressable TV is the genesis of Bee (Brand Exposure and Engagement), Realytics' Total Video measurement solution, which opens the way for a major innovation for the market: unified measurement of linear TV, addressable TV, BVOD, and CTV (AVOD/FAST) audiences, which were previously siloed. 

On the eve of Total Video measurement 

The entire TV ecosystem is now listening and demanding. This demand is on the rise in 2023 from all types of advertisers, including L'Oréal, Peugeot, Ferrero, Ikea, Renault, and Lexus. 

Both publishers and DSPs are sensitive to Bee's approach, which demonstrates the complementarity of media, materializes the concept of fragmented audiences around the issues of incremental reach, duplication, and engagement. This is a concept that CTV players are beginning to subscribe to. In June, Rakuten Advertising and Realytics signed a measurement partnership. In November, at Google's CTV Day, Realytics CEO Guillaume Belmas took the stage to share the "keys to media measurement on CTV." In addition, in 2023, Realytics was interviewed by the media Minted about Bee at the Future of TV ads event, and then by MindMédia in October. Other discussions are ongoing with advertising players in France and Europe. 

Among the best measurement solutions in Europe in 2023 

Because video consumption habits are evolving everywhere on the old continent. In July/August 2023, Bee was successfully tested in Germany for a campaign for Shopmate's cashback offer. This success on a major European market is a testament to Bee's attractiveness and scalability. This scalability earned it a place among the best measurement solutions at the European Video Awards in September 2023.

If we need indicators to be sure, Bee is posting 200% year-over-year growth in business volume compared to 2022. The number of campaigns has more than doubled, as has the number of advertisers in 2023, even as projections for TV investments are expected to slow. 

Want to learn more? Our Beebook with Bee use cases is exactly what you need:

Download the Beebook


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