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Realytics 2023: highlights of a successful year

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January: GRP and CPM 

TV advertising is in upheaval with the debate over CPM buying, to replace GRP in 2024. No doubt this debate will be a topic in 2024. In the meantime, Realytics already offers Adkymia to buy and plan TV campaigns on a CPM basis, easing the transition to a single TV buying currency, while enabling cross-media performance measurement. 

9 out of 10 French sales houses already sell their traditional linear inventory on a CPM basis. Discover Adkymia!

February: All you need to know about ATV 

The second edition of the white paper offers concrete answers to the challenges of  addressable TV (ATV) in France. The publication brings together testimonials and analyses from over a dozen major players, highlighting recent developments in audience, distribution and technology, including programmatic.  

Not one of the 900+ people to have downloaded it? Make a good resolution and do it right now:

Download the whitepaper


Mars: addressable TV is Drive-to-Web  

The effectiveness of addressable TV is impressive, with an advertising boost for Peugeot's e-2008 model multiplying online engagement by 9 compared to the national linear campaign. This increase even reached +500% on pages dedicated to the model, confirming the relevance of the overpressure decided by the advertiser. The results, from a Bee study commissioned by the SNPTV and AF2M, demonstrate the ability of addressable TV to significantly boost online engagement.

If you missed the live broadcast, here's the replay of the #ROITV4 webinar (in French)!


April: TV audience reconciliation honored 

Thanks to Realytics' innovative Bee solution, Jellyfish brilliantly measured the impact of its addressable TV targeting and BVOD for Yves Rocher. Their bold approach was hailed by the Grand Prix de la Data 2023 jury, who described the methodology as "best practice" for addressable TV advertising. Discover the jury's explanations on video.

May: Bee, a unified TV measurement solution

Bee, Realytics' unified, deterministic TV measurement solution, is now available. This major innovation offers advertisers and agencies a complete and precise view of the effectiveness of their campaigns, whatever the technology used. 

Bee marks a new departure in TV measurement. No more silos, no more guesswork. Bee lets you measure exposure and engagement for linear, addressable and BVOD TV campaigns, all from a single interface. Bee is TV measurement that gives advertisers the means to optimize their investments and achieve better results. 

June: Bee Cador for digital 

Bee from Realytics wins the Cas d'Or du Digital award for its impact on addressable TV measurement. The study showed that addressable TV increases the online engagement of traditional TV campaigns. 

Bee made it possible to measure the impact of different packshots used in classic linear TV, as well as the effectiveness of addressable TV reinforcement on specific households. The award recognizes Realytics' innovation in TV measurement, and opens up new perspectives for advertisers and agencies. 

Download the Beebook
July: Bee measures CTV  

Rakuten Advertising and Realytics join forces to offer unified TV measurement across CTV. Rakuten Advertising and Realytics, leader in TV-digital convergence, join forces to measure CTV campaigns with Bee, a unified TV measurement solution. This partnership enables Rakuten Advertising to enhance the value of its CTV inventory and provide advertisers and agencies with more comprehensive insights. 

August: (to) Bee international    

From now on, RTL Deutschland's Ad Alliance will rely on Realytics, the leading AdTech company in TV campaign measurement and a subsidiary of smartclip, RTL Group's AdTech development unit, to measure the performance of Addressable TV (ATV) and Connected TV (CTV). 

Discover the first campaign measured in Germany for Shopmate.   

September: CNIL validates our approach to privacy protection     

AdPerformance takes a major step forward in the protection of consumer privacy with official exemption from the CNIL. This recognition confirms our commitment to data privacy and enables our TV analytics platform to deliver accurate analytics while complying with the GDPR.          


October: AdPerformance gets a facelift                

Realytics launches its new AdPerformance portal for improved tracking of advertising performance. This launch is a further step in Realytics' commitment to meeting customer needs and maintaining a standard of excellence in advertising performance measurement.   


November: Guillaume Belmas, adtech personality of the year 

Guillaume Belmas, our CEO, was voted Personality of the Year in the Star Tech Buy Side category at the prestigious Ratecard Stars #3 ! 

Thank you! 

This distinction underlines the unwavering commitment of Guillaume Belmas and the entire Realytics team to excellence, aiming to provide our customers with the best products and services to maximize the value of the TV channel.  

Discover Guillaume Belmas' vision in this one-to-one interview.

December: Bee, Video AdTech solution of the year 

Bee is an innovative solution that has won the 2023 Video AdTech Solution of the Year award for meeting the needs of the fast-changing TV ecosystem. Bee is a Total Video solution that measures linear TV, addressable TV, BVOD and CTV audiences.  

Bee has seen tremendous growth in 2023, with a +200% increase in its business volume, and a doubling in the number of campaigns and advertisers using the solution. 


Happy Holidays 

We look forward to seeing you in 2024!

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